Abduselam Shaltu

Abduselam Shaltu

About Me


My experience consists of four positions. The first was as an IT Specialist Intern for the Renton School District. This internship was the summer after completing the 10th grade. Following that, in the 11th grade, I landed a job at Bellevue College as a Peer Advisor at the Welcome Center/Student Central. Before completing the 11th grade, I was selected for an internship at Microsoft as a Software Engineering Intern for the Summer 2018. After completing the internship, I returned to Bellevue College to continue working as a Peer Advisor. I then graduated from Belleuve College with an Associates in Arts and Science with a Concentration in Mathematics along with my High School Diploma. I then returned to Microsoft as an intern and worked on the Data + AI team as a SWE/Data Scientist. Currently, I'm attending the University of Washington and studying Computer Science at the Paul G. Allen of Computer Science and Engineering.


I started programming in the 7th grade when I built a Ruby Mod in Java for Minecraft. Over the years, I've acquired a fair amount of technical skills in several programming and markup languages. Languages I'm most proficient in include the following: Java, Python, C# HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript. For the extended list, head to the Portfolio section. Concepts and services I'm very familiar with include Software Development, Game Development, Web Development, Machine Learning, Unity3D, Processing, SQL Databases, and Azure/Cloud Computing.


The biggest is learning different Computer Science concepts. Besides that, I'm active through lifting, playing basketball, and going on long runs. Another passion of mine is helping people, mostly through peer tutoring. I'm very interested in the Software Industry but I'm also considering pursuing graduate school. To experience that, I'm currently looking for undergraduate research opportunities.